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Customs clearance

Customs clearance of different types and groups of goods, machinery and equipment and other cargoes, CN codes verification, determination of customs cost of cargo clearance, etc.

Customs clearance is an inseparable part of international transportation business. Because of the huge number of necessary documents, customs processing of documents is a tedious and time-consuming process…

Customs clearance in the Russian Federation is the main activity of VOLGAEKSPERTIZA. Services on customs clearance of cargo such as: equipment, special equipment, etc. are provided by experienced specialists with long record of service. The main task of the company’s employees is to meet the needs of clients quickly and professionally.

The range of services provided includes:

  • CUSTOMS CLEARANCE of various types and groups of goods, machinery and equipment and other cargoes.
  • Calculation of payments.
  • Preliminary analysis of documents and provision of a list of necessary papers with settlement of customs payments.
  • CN codes verification.
  • Determination of CUSTOMS VALUE of cargo processing.
  • E-declaration of goods, including the use of preliminary issued CCD.
  • TSA placement of good.
  • Representative participation in customs inspection.
  • Clients representation in custom authorities.
  • Preparation of documentation for obtaining a classification solution.

In the process of cooperation specialists of customs broker VOLGAEKSPERTIZA will help both with preparation of documents, and with direct carrying out of procedure of customs clearance of goods, as well as other cargo, including package cargoes. The company takes an individual approach and follows an acceptable price policy. By providing customs clearance services, VOLGAEPERTIZA complies with the set deadlines.

Features of customs clearance of dangerous goods

In order to prepare documents for the registration of this type of cargo, freighter must provide the employees of VOLGAEKSPERTIZA with a consignment note, as well as a completed emergency card. For the category of «particularly dangerous» goods, an additional manufacturer’s instruction is required. In the process of registration of goods belonging to this type, the company ensures prompt transportation in compliance with all rules and standards.

Procedure for customs clearance of vehicles

Procedure for customs clearance of motor vehicles Customs clearance of trucks and cars is a mandatory procedure to which all transport imported into Russia is subject. The procedure is fixed by the 22 Chapter of the LC of the Russian Federation. For registration it is necessary to collect a package of papers: application, inventory of documents, notification of arrival at the warehouse, declaration of form of Т-6 and Т-7, deed of purchase, certificate of title, DCD, passport.